Jul 5- Find Your People

Meditation: Headspace, Restless Mind
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Calming and Centering

Another day, another mad rush to fit everything in. I’m not complaining, though. This is what happens! Life gets busy. It’s been so long since life moved at a “normal” pace, I’ve forgotten how much joy there can be in that, too. Yes, it’s nice to move slowly and mindfully, not to wear “busy” or “stressed” like a badge of honor, but life is also full of adventures and wonderful people and delicious food and things to do and see and places to go, and that’s awesome.

As long as I’m still finding time for everything important to me, which includes meditation every single day, I think that’s my idea of balance. Sometimes things are slow, sometimes days are packed, but if you can be consistent with the stuff that really matters, that feels right.

Yesterday I was cruising through my to-do’s when it was suddenly time to get ready to go out! I hadn’t seen my lovely and dear friend Kate in well over a year, so we got all dressed up and met up for a fabulous dinner and drinks at Firefly. Kate is one of those incredibly special friends everyone should have. She’s always up for an adventure, always planning something fun, pushing me to try new things, but also the kind of person you can go crazy deep with and talk about literally anything. We can go months with zero contact and pick up right where we left off, which is so important when you’re both super busy all the time! Kate is simply one of those people who loves me for me, and I love her for her, and you just feel good after spending time together. She’s also killing it and I admire the hell out of her drive, independence, and goal slashing. Totally inspiring!

I love my people so much. I’m a lucky girl!

I came home on the high of a great night out and wasn’t even close to wanting to sleep, so I decided to throw on my sweats, start a new book, and then do some yoga and meditate before bed.

Well, best laid plans.

I started the book The Guest List which I had heard was really good, but it turns out it was really, really good and I couldn’t put it down! Cut to: 3:30am, and I’m telling myself I have to sleep and I still need to meditate. Oops!

Since I was still feeling…. bouncy (this is the only word that really describes it!) I did a Headspace meditation for restless mind. It was nice to be reminded that this can be a normal feeling, that meditating wasn’t a thing you should only do when you are super zen and ready to totally clear your mind and focus perfectly. It’s also a good thing to do when this is challenging! In fact, even more important to settle a “bouncy” (haha) mind!

It did help, and once again I was reminded of the power of even five minutes of meditating. I can’t believe I used to blow this off. I can’t imagine my life without regular meditation now!

Steve said today someone told him how the effects of meditation are cumulative, and I really think that’s true. It slowly starts to shape you into a calmer, more flexible person, even when you don’t notice right away. Every day I’m clearer, more confident, more loving. Every day life seems a little easier than it did before. Like a sculptor slowly shaving the stone away, I feel like more and more of the “real me” is being uncovered. It’s exciting, honestly!

So much good news today- I was offered another directing gig, we got an unexpected check in the mail (love that- plus good “abundance” vibes for Vegas in a few days!), some travel plans we’ve been stuck on worked out, I received a nice gift- just a lovely, positive day! Also, I posted a birthday fundraiser on Facebook for Planned Parenthood, which is a cause very dear to my heart as they treated me for years when I had no money and no insurance, literally providing life-saving medical care I couldn’t afford anywhere else. I try to give back in some way every year. Today, within hours of setting up the fundraiser, my amazing friends and family blew past the goal I set and kept going. Made me so happy! Especially in these crazy times, we have to support organizations like these more than ever.

In conclusion? I’m not necessarily sticking with my original plan of only doing the Relationship with Self series until my birthday. I’m being flexible. (See?) I’m still just going a day at a time and giving myself what I need that day, which I do think is better, as I keep learning again and again. I’m happy to see that even as life gets busy, meditation very much has a place in my day, every day. Gives me a sense of calm and control, even as there is so much happening that’s out of my hands. It’s nice.

Conclusion #2? I made a lot of space in my life letting people go over the past year (and, really, five years) but I have no fear of being alone. It’s so nice to be reminded of how many amazing people I have in my life. It’s honestly so humbling. Excited to have more energy to put toward the people that make me feel happy, appreciated, understood, and loved now that I’m not pouring it into people who…well, who don’t make me feel those things.

Ok, back to it! So much to get done! xo