Jul 11- Birthday

Meditation: Headspace, For the Weekend
Length: 5 minutes
Where: In the car, near the Nevada/CA border
How It Felt: Refreshing!

I write this blog in bed in Vegas… hungover.

It’s been a long time since the last time I went out, and apparently I have no alcohol tolerance or ability to regulate whatsoever anymore! Yikes! What can you do though? That’s Vegas!

On the up side we had a total blast. It is so nice to be with my uncles again! We always have the best time (even if I can’t keep up haha). I mean, your birthday comes once a year, you have to go for it, right? Steve took excellent care of me and got me properly to bed, because he is the best.

The meditation I found was so perfect for yesterday! It was about letting the “week” go to prepare for the weekend, and even though it was Sunday, I was mentally preparing for a few days off, so it totally worked. Steve was sweet to drive while I threw in my AirPods and laid back to meditate. The drive was so crazy- the temperature got up to 121 degrees on our way here! I was also fielding so many texts, calls, and messages with sweet birthday wishes, I felt very scattered. It was nice to just pause for 5 minutes and breathe!

Ok, time to get going here, another fun day ahead! More gambling, eating, maybe some pool time, and tonight we have tickets to a comedy club. It’s been so long since I saw live comedy!

I’ll tell you one thing I’m not doing- drinking. Oof! Not a hair of the dog person here! More of a “I don’t want that in my body again please” person. I’m 36 now, after all! I can’t party so hard in my old age!