Jul 12- Thank You, Vegas

Meditation: Balance, Gratitude
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Hotel Room, Vegas
How It Felt: I couldn’t stop smiling

Vegas is a blast. We went to see some standup at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club tonight and the lineup was great. Rondell Sheridan in particular had us laughing until our sides hurt. We just got back to the room to freshen up, snack, and have some toothpaste delivered (as we somehow only packed one tiny tube between the two of us) before we go back to use up our freeplay on a couple of slot machines.

(Does that sound like a weird sexual innuendo or is Vegas getting to my head?)

I stopped for five minutes to meditate though! I thought a gratitude meditation was good for both “winning money” energy and “starting off my 36th year of life right” energy. It felt so good! I was only supposed to think of three things I’m thankful for but my mind was full of things to be grateful for so I just let it run! My husband, this trip, my awesome uncles, Tigre, my friends- so many of whom I got to hear from yesterday on my birthday, work- the list grew and grew! I got happier and happier as I went. At the end, I couldn’t stop smiling! What a fun exercise!

Heading back out there! Grateful for this blog and every single reader- thanks for keeping me on track, even in Vegas!