Jul 14- Salty

Meditation: Calm, Relationship with Self Series: Walls
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Salt Cave, Las Vegas
How It Felt: Relaxing but Confusing

On our final day in Vegas, we took my uncles to our favorite “last day” stop: The Salt Room LV. We love to do a session in the Salt Cave to help our poor skin and respiratory systems recover after a few days of sun, decadent food, and more alcohol than we would normally have, followed by a nice, deep massage to help our muscles relax, too! It saves us from a miserable 24-48 hours following a fun trip to Sin City (which is how you know you did it right, by the way.)

Since we had about 45 minutes to relax in our zero-gravity chairs in the Salt Cave, I brought my AirPods and phone in with me, just in case I couldn’t sleep. Sure enough, I dozed but didn’t nap deeply like I usually do (we did have a couple of snorers and a “fumble around in my bag full of plastic” lady), so I pulled out my gear and did a nice meditation!

At one point, in the middle, I felt like I had been doing the breathing exercise waaaaay too long. I kept thinking, the minute I check my phone to see what’s going on, she’ll start talking again and I’ll ruin it for no reason!

Incorrect. I was so relaxed, I didn’t notice I had accidentally paused the session, and I’d just been breathing to myself for over 10 minutes, waiting for the end! There was nice, relaxing music playing in the salt room, and I confused it with my meditation app’s music. Oops!

It’s ok, though. Just some bonus meditation time. I started playing it again, and listened to Tamara talk about letting your walls down. Great timing, as I’m deep into my mid-30s and learning that I don’t have to be so guarded in life. I can trust people more. That’s been so refreshing (if sometimes scary!) I’m actively working on this!

Missing Vegas still but happy to be home with my man and my cat in my wonderful city. Rehearsals have started for my next show- a piece for Hollywood Fringe. A sweet husband, a cuddly cat, acting work, sunshine, plus a pool party, hike, and John Lewis vigil this weekend- lots to be excited about here! Missing my uncles already, but luckily I’ll get to see them and a ton of my family at our big party in August for Steve’s 50th. Can’t wait!

Oh man, I should work on those plans, too! The next month is about to fly by. Here we go!

Inside the Salt Cave- Steve fast asleep