Jul 15- Pricks

Meditation: Calm, Relationship with Self Series: Vulnerability 
Length: 9 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Connecting
Who Joined Me: Steve

Back home, back to the Relationship with Self series.

The timing of this session was so crazy. The hubby and I went on a long walk just before we meditated and talked a lot about mindfulness, being present, and feeling rather than just being in our heads. We discussed slowing down in the moment in order to speed up in life. How overwhelming things can get and how rushing faster makes it worse in the long run.

We talked about being real and being in the moment.

Then we came home, sat down to meditate, and “Vulnerability” was the next topic! The guide talked about a lot of the same things we just discussed ourselves, which feels like a great universe sign that we were on the right track.

This feels like the struggle of 2021: how to stay mindful and move at a slower pace while introducing back the busy nature of “non-pandemic” life. It’s hard! It’s so easy to get swept up and lost in the busy. I don’t want to ever do that again. At least not as a lifestyle.

I’m actually feeling pretty overwhelmed today. There is so much happening all at once. I’m trying to slow down and breathe. Steve keeps saying to remember to go one step at a time… but I keep thinking “there are so many steps!!” He’s right though. One foot in front of the other.

There is also a lot of ambiguity again here in LA as the city is reinstating the indoor mask mandate regardless of vaccination status, and may have to introduce more restrictions soon if people continue to be selfish and refuse to get their shots. It’s infuriating. I don’t know what’s wrong with people, I really don’t. The disgusting levels of privilege involved here turn my stomach. In other parts of the world people are dying waiting for vaccines, and the US is full of people who are just straight up too selfish or ignorant to go get them.. for free… just sitting there, available.

Meanwhile, we responsible and thoughtful people get to continue being inconvenienced to keep people safe. As usual. Group project vibes to the max.

I’m waiting to hear if I’ll even be able to perform in the show I’ve started rehearsing for. But who cares if I can do my job or people can connect over art or shared experiences? After all, BILL GATES AIN’T MICROCHIPPING ME!


Ha. Apparently I’m more annoyed over this than I realized. Seriously though- what is wrong with people??

End rant. Let’s have a nice Eckhart Tolle quote to end on, so I still seem super wise even though I’m having a giant tantrum. We can all pretend! Ha. I’m only human though, and frankly over the last five years I’ve hit my quota of absorbing human ignorance. I’m over it.

Going to a John Lewis candlelight vigil tomorrow- a nationwide rally for Voting Rights. Those are my people. That will make me feel better.

Plus, Steve is here, being the best. He always makes me feel better. I know I’m lucky.

(I just wish other people would realize how lucky they are to have easy access to vaccines! Ugh!)