Jul 16- Good Trouble

Meditation: Headspace, Integrating Meditation
Length: 7 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Peaceful
Who Joined Me: Steve

Feeling better today- much better. I think a few things helped.

One, I stopped by my injections place and got a B12 shot. No idea if these really do anything, but they seem to work.

Two, we went to a pool party today with some wonderful people, and we all agreed we were experiencing some of the best, most relaxed party vibes in history. Sunshine, great talks, laughter, and positivity cure quite a bit.

Three, Steve and I attended a John Lewis vigil this evening, which was beautiful. We heard a great speech from our Congressional candidate, remembered John Lewis and his life and legacy, sang together, and got fired up about voting rights, the filibuster, DC statehood, and how much work we have to do.

I’m just feeling slightly “back on track,” if you will.

Plus, we are almost to the last episode of Loki, which we will finish after I write this blog! I can’t wait!

Steve meditated with me last night, and we just did the daily Headspace meditation. It was called “Integrating Meditation,” which talked about exactly what you think it might. Good reminder that meditation doesn’t live in a vacuum, and we should be intentionally working on integrating the lessons we learn while we meditate into our everyday lives.

I’m forever grateful for this daily meditation and blog practice, as it forces me to stop twice a day and check in. When I meditate, I stop to see that I’m breathing, I give my mind some space, and I remind myself to be present. When I write, I check in with my mental and emotional self, to see how I’m feeling, what might be bothering or inspiring me, and where I’m growing or stagnant. It’s a process that’s paying off in so many ways in my life, and, while I don’t plan to keep blogging after this year (though I’ll switch back to regular journaling instead), I’ll always appreciate the consistency and new habits I’ve managed to form.

Ok, enough for today- Loki time! How is the MCU this good???