Jul 17- QT

Meditation: Balance, Relax
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Relaxing!
Who Joined Me: Steve

Days are flying by. It’s great to be doing so much… but it’s also a super weird time.

You know what it feels like? Like if someone in charge of all the time in the universe (ok, yes I’ve been watching Loki. But really, this is what it feels like!) – like this person took the dial that controls time and turned it down for over a year. Like the days were long and filled with so little… and they just kind of wandered by us…

Then suddenly this jerk turned the dial all the way back up and time sped up completely but we were not really ready! We couldn’t have slowly turned the dial back to normal? It’s like trying to run at full speed again when you stopped training for 15 months. I need a few warm up laps!

Literally so many of these blog posts are just me complaining about how much there is to do! Ha, ridiculous. But seriously! These are weird times!

I should probably be meditating twice a day. I need the focus!

Steve and I meditated next to each other on the couch yesterday. It was nice after a long day of running around to just be near each other and breathe. This session includes a body scan with a tighten and release exercise. Not my favorite (I struggle with adding tension to my body and feel like I can’t really release it all the way) but all meditation is good meditation.

It must have helped us relax, though! We had a lovely, restful night, then slept forever. This morning we stayed in bed until the afternoon, enjoying our last long, lazy weekend day alone for maybe 6 weeks! Between Steve’s time with the kids in the summer, my rehearsal schedule, our party in Michigan with tons of people staying with us, and our general long-distance stuff, we literally don’t have a single weekend alone together for likely a month and a half. Crazy!

Sometimes the weeks just end up this way. It’s hard to be apart so much, yes, but I have to say it makes us appreciate all our time together so much. It’s such pure quality time. Our talks go deeper, our cuddles last longer, and our moments are precious. We don’t take a night sleeping next to each other, a chance to cook a meal together, or a single long walk for granted. It’s nice.

Trying to be in the moment today. Soak up Steve, stay present, avoid the overwhelm that comes from thinking about everything I need to do all at once.

One step at a time. One moment at a time.