Jul 20- For the Love of Art

Meditation: Headspace, Presentations
Length: 6 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Calming but hard to focus

Officially started my first day of in-person rehearsals for my next gig! I woke up with that awesome first day of school feeling, but it was definitely matched by nerves. I haven’t been onstage in years, which is just insane for a girl who used to do at least two or three shows a year. Minimum. On-camera opportunities, life in general, and the pandemic have all come together to leave me with the biggest theatre gap I’ve had since I was seven years old.

So, yeah. I felt nervous.

As I was getting ready, I noticed a Google alert in my email. Our show had a nice little write up in Broadway World. It was so nice to see the words “Starring Sabrina Carmichael” again! That tipped the scales to “excited” and got those butterflies flying in formation.

Still, I figured I could use all the help I could get, so I meditated before my rehearsal. Meditation is definitely something I plan to do from now on before work and auditions. It’s so…centering. I chose a session from Headspace called “Presentations,” which was about as close as I could find to “feeling anxious about doing something vulnerable in front of a group of people.”

It worked!

I’m so excited about this show. I missed my job so fricking bad and it’s nice to remember I’m actually pretty good at it, even after all this time away! Being back in a legitimate theatre space instantly filled my heart. I can’t even describe how happy I felt in there! Like I was floating!

Now can everyone please for the love of the gods get vaccinated so all the performance based artists of the world can go back to doing what they love again? Entertaining people, making them feel things and think about things and have experiences together? Art is so important for cultivating empathy, inspiring change, and erasing division. We have to have it!

Get those shots!

Be in the moment!