Jul 23- Walk

Meditation: Headspace, Wind Down: Deep Breathing
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Good but short
Meditation: Headspace, Wind Down: Mindful Walking for Sleep
Length: 6 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Strange!

Two meditations last night. Still soaking up all this peaceful, quiet alone time and feeling very nourished. At the end of the night, I did a wind down, the “deep breathing” session from Headspace, but it’s always too short. I need to find something similar that is a little longer- possibly on the Balance app. They have a lot of good breathing exercises. I really like this 4-4-6 pattern though!

I’ve wanted to try a moving meditation of some kind for awhile, but I sometimes feel like they are “cheating.” I have no idea why. I decided to piggyback on my first session with a Mindful Walking session, which let me off the “cheating” hook mentally since I’d already done a “still” meditation (it’s totally not cheating), and it was definitely interesting. Very calming, for sure.

One weird thing… I was walking slowly, as instructed, and at certain points I literally forgot how to walk. It was so weird! Like I almost fell over a couple of times turning around at the end of the room! Embarrassing. But also a reminder of how many things we do without even thinking, and how we get in our heads and can totally mess them up.

Walking, though! You’d think I had that down by now…

Taking my book to the park to enjoy this beautiful day! Hoping for some lovely time in the sunshine and a nice, long walk.

I’ll try not to overthink it, though, lest I just tip over in public!