Jul 29- Temporary

Meditation: Balance, Pain
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Helpful

One way or another I ended up with a tension headache last night. This heat is getting to me a bit, and I’ve been working out a lot, both things that sometimes cause these headaches. It wasn’t terrible, very manageable actually, but certainly not pleasant.

I hadn’t tried the pain meditation from the Balance app yet, so I figured it was the perfect night to check it out! Through a combination of breathing, focus, and relaxation exercises, it really did help quite a bit. More than I expected! I would say my pain was at a five before the meditation, and more like a three afterward.

Not bad for a ten minute session!

One cool trick they used was to focus on the parts of your body that were comfortable and not in pain. I don’t know if it tricks your brain or how it works, but it was actually very effective.

Speaking of brains, mine is complete mush at the moment and I still need to work on lines for my show tonight. I’m in a bit of a frustrating spot where we haven’t managed to get all our blocking down yet but I can’t wait any longer to start committing my part to memory. Hopefully those kinks will get worked out quickly. Let’s hope my quick memorizing skills held up over the pandemic!

Wish me luck! And no headaches!

Oh- one last note. I wrote in a previous post about one annoying aspect of the Balance app- I couldn’t find anywhere that listed all the meditations I had done recently. A “journey” or “history” tab. However, it’s there now! It’s possible I missed it at first, but I think it’s more likely they added it recently, as it’s a very new app. Either way, helpful! It’s now listed under the profile tab if you need to find it.

Ok, to memorizing!

I love how the Balance app has so many customizable options for your meditations- very cool!