Aug 2- Practice

Meditation: Headspace, Finding Focus #2
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: A little easier than yesterday

Cupcakes to order and a mini Thanksgiving dinner to arrange, plus those lines to work on! Hard to stop to write this post, but it was nice to stop to meditate.

If I was only listening half the time yesterday, I would say today I got up to 60%. My mind is furiously trying to keep track of everything still. I don’t know why. I have lists like crazy and checkpoints and deadlines, but my brain doesn’t trust me. It wants to keep working.

I really like the exercise we are practicing in these sessions, which is to focus on different parts of our bodies, or the space near our bodies, one at a time. It’s practicing holding focus on one thing, I suppose, and that’s exactly what I need to be practicing right now. We know multitasking isn’t as effective as fully immersing in one task, then the next…

But it’s a hard habit to stop!

One of my shortest blogs ever, but here to report and get back to it. It’s not easy to plan an event from a different time zone! However, I planned a wedding for over 200 people, including three days worth of events, four meals, and countless vendors, all from three hours earlier, so I can do this for sure! Finally got off that pandemic “up all night, sleep in til noon” schedule and back on top of it.

Hello, life! Nice to see you again!