Aug 3- Unstoppable

Meditation: Headspace, Finding Focus #3
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Really good

This blog is turning into a serious exercise in perseverance. Not gonna lie- some days I simply don’t want to sit down and write. I just want to meditate and get on with my day!

That reason is precisely why I know I have to keep going, however. Proving to myself I can do something every day for an entire year (two somethings!) is important to me. I can follow through. I can do the thing. If I ever question my own discipline in the future, I can remember this year and know I’m capable.

That said, I don’t have much to say today! My mind is elsewhere- how fitting for a post about my focus-based meditation series. I enjoyed the meditation and I’m still finding it hard to keep my brain present, but every day gets a little better! I’m increasingly able to bring my mind back to the task at hand. That’s really nice.

My to do list is getting owned and I’m finally through the craziest of it, thankfully! Feeling good and excited about everything to come this month. Of course, hoping COVID doesn’t upend our best laid plans, but if it does, it does. Can’t control it. Can only be safe and do my best to keep others safe, while still trying to live my life, resting a little easier that I am at least vaccinated, diminishing both the chances of getting very sick myself, as well as the chances of spreading it to others.

I did my part. I worked through my frustration and anger at the willfully unvaccinated. It still hits some days, but you have to reach the point where you accept the world as it is.

Sometimes, the world disappoints us. Life.

I hope that sounded deep and thoughtful, because I really don’t have anything truly deep or thoughtful to share.

Oh! I will say that we’ve been practicing running focus to various points up and down our bodies, which has been a really cool exercise. It’s a lot easier to focus attention on something you are familiar with, something that physically exists. It’s good practice, I think. Also, the concept of things being much easier to focus on if they are interesting to you- for example, how you don’t have to “try” to focus on a riveting film- was mentioned. So true. (And probably a good guidepost for how we spend our time!)

Still, sometimes we have to focus on things we don’t care much about, like when we study a mandatory subject we aren’t interested in, or when, say, we’re at work and have a vacation starting at 5pm. It’s just nearly impossible to focus easily at those moments, so I suppose this is why we practice.

If you can direct your mind to where you want it to go… well, you’re probably damn near unstoppable!