Aug 4- Feminist, etc

Meditation: Headspace, Wind Down: Goodnight
Length: 10 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Fell right to sleep

Yesterday was a weird day. A good day, but a weird day. Today is a weird day, too.

Life is weird right now!

Did a sleep meditation, and it helped me fall asleep. So, mission accomplished! Not much groundbreaking news to cover here. Swimming along.

Currently finishing the book White Feminism by Koa Beck and already dying to finish this post and get back to it. A lot of paradigm shifting, and a lot of realizing how harmful capitalism really is. Kind of horrifying. Ok, completely so.

Since I can remember learning about history in any way, shape, or form I’ve wanted to be an activist. I’ve aspired to be someone who helps others, who disrupts systems that exploit the marginalized and forgotten, someone who speaks out against injustice wherever I can. I’m trying to use the time I have to learn how to be better, how to do better, how to help where help is most needed.

It can be infuriating and sometimes soul crushing to learn the many ways humans can be terrible to other humans (and all living creatures), but I’ve learned as long as I take care of myself and keep my mental health balanced, I can keep going. It’s tempting to get overwhelmed and go hide in a cave, but then what am I doing? What am I here for? Who am I helping?

We have to pay attention. I don’t want to be the person on the wrong side of history. I don’t want my great life to come at someone else’s expense- and it is. As long as racism and sweat shops and xenophobia and a long list of other broken systems exist, my life is built in the backs of the suffering of others. And that is not okay with me.

That’s my post for today. Go forth, learn, and help. Adjust. Do better. Learn more. Listen and make space. We are all in this together, whether we want to face that or not!

And don’t forget the importance of sleep! Xo