Aug 8- Now & Later

Meditation: Headspace, Finding Focus #6
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Good! A little distracted
Who Joined Me: Tigre

Here’s the thing. I want to concentrate on the meditation. I do.

But sometimes a sweet, cuddly cat climbs into your lap and starts purring, and there is no way you’re going to just ignore him. He wants pets and he’s getting pets. Life goes by much too fast to not snuggle your cat whenever you get the chance.

I mean, look at this face!

So, yes, I was distracted a bit by this baby. But, I was super present! That’s sort of the point, right? I just felt present with Tigre for half and present in the meditation for half. Still a win, in my book.

One thing I haven’t shared yet. My show was cancelled due to COVID concerns and problems. I’m very disappointed, of course. I was so excited to perform! But, the truth is, we aren’t quite there yet. This Delta variant is no joke, and half the country isn’t bothering to take it seriously. I heard a doctor being interviewed a few days ago, basically at the end of his rope. The exasperation was exploding out of him, even as he tried to stay calm and even. He was begging listeners to do anything they could to help encourage loved ones to get vaccinated.

Man, I wish I could. It just seems impossible. How can you convince someone who doesn’t trust modern medicine, science, the government, the CDC, or lifelong researchers? Why on earth would they then trust me?

It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating these people can’t see what they are taking away from everyone else. The opportunities, of course, and a return to normalcy. But also health, lives, all of it. People are still dying. And people are lost down conspiracy rabbit holes and “but I knew a girl who….”s.

So, I don’t get to do the thing I live to do. Not yet. But I live to do it later- soon, I hope. And for the rest of my life. Perspective is important here.

So, that’s me right now.

Just paused at there to talk to my bestie for over an hour and a half. NOW I’ll wrap up! What a day. What a year.

What a life. What a gift of a life.