Aug 9- Choose Wisely

Meditation: Balance, Anxiety
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Somewhat helpful

Things are just wild right now! It’s the whole world, I feel. Every day more bombs (good and bad- just a lot happening!) After the quiet, way-too-slow pace of the world for a year, this can be overwhelming, for sure.

Right now the hubby and I are juggling a lot, and we’ve been apart waaaaaaay too long, which is always a bit unsettling. Things are just easier when we are together! More fun, less crazy. We make games out of things, we laugh when our best laid plans fall apart, we attack it all as a team.

We still keep that same vibe as much as possible over constant texts, phone calls, snaps, etc, but it’s not the same.

Sometimes your soul wants to be near its mate.

Poor Steve is in it, man. And I can’t get to him any sooner than I am (six more days!!) He’s got the kids, and all the running around, picking up, dropping off, scheduling, playing with, cooking for, cleaning up after, talking to, tucking in, assisting with, etc that this entails. His job is also insane right now. Then he got a puncture wound in his foot working in the yard and had to go to Urgent Care, so he’s limping around, showering with a plastic bag on his foot. He’s fielding all the millions of packages, new furniture, etc I’m ordering for the party, coordinating pickups for me, too, and helping me with some of the planning.

In the middle of all this, our power went out!

We’ve laughed, we’ve adjusted, but there is only so much I can do from across the country, and I’ll admit, I got a bit anxious yesterday. I think I get most anxious when I feel overwhelmed or helpless (or both). I tried an anxiety meditation, just a short one, because I was too restless to sit and do nothing for too long. (Meditating is not “doing nothing” but it feels that way when you’re in “go” mode.)

Again, loving the customizable nature of the Balance app’s sessions. My first screen for this meditation:

I chose the last one, since they didn’t have “all day erry day”

Anxiety is not a “one size fits all” experience, after all. Brilliant.

For the record, everything is fine. We are great, Steve is awesome. A friend offered a generator and he’s got the wifi back up, much to the kids’ relief. Really, kids don’t even need electricity as long as they can connect their devices. They would rather go hungry than not have the internet, I think! My biggest stress right now is whether all my outfit options will arrive before I get on a plane, so I can accessorize correctly when I pack…

These are first world problems, folks! And yes, we are laughing about it all.

My best relationship advice: make sure you can laugh together. If that person doesn’t feel like a true best friend, and if they implode every time there’s a stressful situation… well, it’s gonna be a long life. That’s all I can say about that!

Wait for the right one, then appreciate the hell out of them. Call them on their shit, but in a loving way. Work on yourself. Practice communicating until you’re pros.

And, if you can, marry Steve. 10/10 highly recommend!