Aug 16- Party Planning

Meditation: Balance, Positivity
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Michigan
How It Felt: Lovely!

Yesterday had a few speed bumps- flying super early in the morning is always a recipe for a sleepy, less than fun trip- but we rebounded! We had a wonderful dinner with our parents (my in-laws) and then Steve and I took a nice walk together and did a grocery order, took out the trash, stuff like that.

It sounds simple, but ordering groceries and taking out the trash together makes me so happy! We are apart so much, it’s just nice to have a partner for the little things again. I missed this man so!

I decided to end the night on a positive note, so I chose the “Positivity” meditation from Balance, which was just added recently. It put me in a great state of mind, feeling even more grateful and happy and loved, and I woke up today ready to go!

We are in full party planning mode, plus we had the kids for our regular Tuesday night dinner tonight, cleaners arrive early tomorrow, so lots to do! Getting really excited to celebrate everything with everyone! The next few days will be busy so I’ll try to keep these posts on the shorter side.

Time to get organized here!