Aug 21- Together

Meditation: Balance, Sleep Stretch
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Michigan
How It Felt: Wonderful

Last night I meditated after the party, before bed. My body felt pretty cranky! I was sore from the days of party prep. I was tight all over from skipping yoga for close to a week. I was definitely feeling the drinks I’d had all night, even though it was certainly not a crazy amount. I barely drink anymore! Neither my body or brain have much tolerance.

I remembered a Sleep Stretch meditation I had noticed on the Balance app and decided to finally just try it. You’re supposed to lie in bed to do it, but I knew I had more stretching to do after, so I just lay down on the carpet and did it there. It was nice! I was so tired (our party lasted over twelve hours!) and it felt so good to just close my eyes and move my body a bit.

It was so good to celebrate with family and friends. So many surprises, so much of my family made the long drive to be there, so many things I thought no one would notice much were a huge hit (especially the Thanksgiving dinner we had delivered!) Our oldest had a huge group of friends over and she got to just be a total teenager, blasting music in the basement and playing (absolutely non-alcoholic) drink pong on our ping pong table.

The party went so long that we had two entire meals served on top of a huge snack buffet, cake, cupcakes, and cookies, and a house full of every type of candy, and we still had a late night Taco Bell delivery because we (and the teens) were all hungry again!

Can’t play Pounce on an empty stomach!

Going home to LA tomorrow evening- sad to leave Steve but happy to get a few days of quiet time to let my brain defrag after all this socializing. Introvert day, here I come!

It’s raining in Michigan now. So grateful it missed our party! It’s soothing now- perfect mood for moving slowly, eating carbs for days, and cuddling up on the couch watching MasterChef Jr. together. Perfect timing indeed.

Me with three of my beautiful sisters, playing in the Valentine’s Day section ❤️