Aug 30- No KISSing

Meditation: Headspace, Enlightened Nature
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Happy
Who Joined Me: Tigre, kind of

I’m taking my tarot reader friend’s advice and really trying to be more mindful and intentional with my meditations. (Was that just the most LA sentence I’ve ever typed?) It’s nice to get back to proper daytime meditating with a purpose. Enjoying that!

Get still and let your mind give you the answers you seek. It’s legit.

Tomorrow will be my big check in post, so just touching base with this one, saying I did it, and it was lovely, and Tigre curled up next to my lap and purred, which was a bonus. He’s been so extra loving since I’ve been home from Michigan. Kills me! I don’t know how I can ever leave him again!

Steve and I made some big plans the past few days to finish out the rest of 2021 strong. Personal goals, things we are going to work on as a team. We realize that Covid is likely going to put travel, events, and other adventures on hold this fall, so we are just going to buckle down and hit some financial, career, and physical/mental health goals instead! I’m really excited, actually! I love the idea of getting life organized and running smoothly to kick off the New Year, rather than letting everything go to hell the last few months and preparing to “start fresh” January 1st.

Feeling happy and motivated!!

Maybe I’ll redo that Abundance meditation series in September, the Chopra one I did earlier this year. That was a powerful series! Now that we are already both feeling in the flow, it would be awesome to see how much more we can tap it. I don’t know- let’s see how September feels.

Hope everyone had a wonderful August! It flew by, for sure! Get vaccinated, get your boosters, wear your masks, socially distance, wash your hands, and let’s work together to make next year not a year of death and suffering. Or missing more things.

I say this as a woman who dropped off her husband at LAX so he could go to the KISS concert in Detroit tomorrow, only to find out it’s cancelled due to Paul Stanley’s recent Covid diagnosis. Don’t we want to end all this once and for all? Do your part, people! Please! We all want to do things safely again, seriously!