Sep 1- Finish Strong

Meditation: Headspace, Appreciation #5
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Made me smile

I thought about kicking off September by going back to the “Abundance” meditation series on the Chopra app, but realized that since I’m on the back third of this thing, I should probably try to finish some of the series I started, since I don’t know how many or which meditation apps I’ll keep after the year ends.

I was almost halfway through the “Appreciation” series on Headspace, and since “appreciation” feels a lot like “gratitude”, I figured that will put me in an abundant mindset anyway. Plus I’ll feel so much better finishing one of my open tabs.

I love feeling appreciative. I really do. Nothing makes me happier. It makes me feel like the universe is taking care of me and like I’m safe. I love being optimistic and finding the good in life. I love being humbled by it all. I just love it.

Obviously, I’m not alone. So many studies show the measurable effect gratitude has on our quality of life. People who are grateful (not toxic positivity- very different thing involving a large dose of denial!) are happier, healthier, and more generous. They are nice to be around. Their energy just feels good.

I want to have good energy as often as possible. That’s important to me.

So, appreciation it is. Again, we asked ourselves the question (and we had to ask it in our minds to ourselves), “Who or what do you appreciate right now?” I thought of Steve right away, and of my home, and then my health. I also thought of all the growth I’ve been fortunate to experience the past year and a half. I so appreciate the opportunity to slow down and work on myself, even if the circumstances were less than desirable overall.

I’m supposed to write down three things I’m grateful for today, so here are three more:

  1. Tigre. He is pure love and soft and cuddles.
  2. A lovely piece of art we were gifted that I hung today in our front room. It perfectly fills a spot I’ve left empty since we moved in because I couldn’t find something affordable I truly loved. Now we have a gift hanging there, reminding me that the world can be so kind.
  3. Friends. I am so lucky. I had a great talk with my best childhood friend today, made plans with my “other” bestie for this weekend, sent a baby shower gift to one of the most amazing women I know, made plans to meet up with a new local friend group Friday night, and was texting with two of my sisters earlier in our group chat cracking each other up, thinking how lucky I am to be such good friends with my siblings. If you have friends who are family (and family that are friends) I believe that’s a huge blessing.

I could honestly sit and write down what I’m grateful for forever. It feels so good! If you haven’t done it lately (or ever), try it. I’m serious! It will put you into an amazing mood instantly and put you on a great frequency! I really need to try to remember to write what I’m grateful for daily, like I used to do, even if just here or in my journal. It helps so much.

If you get stuck, literally just start looking around. “I’m grateful for ten working fingers.” “I’m grateful for running water.” You get the idea. It’ll start flowing in no time, I promise! If you can read this blog on an electronic device of some kind, you are blessed. Trust me.

One last thing I’m grateful for- September starting! I’m excited to finish this year strong, to hit some big goals, to dive back into work fully, to hopefully get my booster shot, and even for the heat to break a little at some point (though it’s going to be nearly 100 degrees Sunday so it might be a while…) I’m not really a “fall” person, but this summer sort of kicked my ass. I’m ready for a change of seasons to take a bit of the heat off, so to speak.

(I’m not drinking pumpkin spice lattes, though. You can’t make me.)

*Screams* Just say no, sweet cheug!
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