Sep 5- Between

Meditation: Calm, Body Scan
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Peaceful

Well. Here we are. Let me tell you: I’m PMSing and it’s making me so crabby.

Normally I would stop if I can and just watch stupid shows and eat cheese and cry for a day or two until it passes- I only get my “lovely lady days” four times a year so this is often a real option- but I can’t stop at the moment and so I’m simply crabby.

How was my meditation? Great. Fine. Nice. Honestly enjoyed it.

I did it late again because my bestie came over and he and I talked for like six hours until almost 2am and then I was jazzed and couldn’t sleep for another couple of hours. Great night, great talks, tons of laughing- grateful for friends who know you better than you know yourself sometimes.

Steve coming tomorrow. We are both trying to finish up a bunch of last minute stuff and both dying to be together immediately. Both impatient.

I’m the only crabby one, though. Steve is just cute.

Had a volunteer event for the California recall get cancelled today, which was a bummer. Have to go run errands, which sounds miserable. Had to put on a bra (sports) and pants (yoga) and really wish I was just wearing Steve’s t-shirt and the softest sweat pants in the world and cuddled up under like six blankets.

Sigh. I wish the world would stop for a few days. Apparently stopping for a year wasn’t long enough. (And, like, it wasn’t, apparently. Look at the Covid numbers. Ugh.)

So, here’s my little crab dump. Here’s my complaining and whining and feeling sorry for myself today. We can do that sometimes. It’s okay. It’ll pass.

Some days are just blah. This is life. It happens.

The important thing is to be real with yourself, be honest about what you really need, do what you can, and be kind, inwardly and outwardly. I think so, anyway. I don’t know. I just need cheese.