Sep 7- Cheese

Meditation: Headspace, Appreciation #8
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Happy-making
Who Joined Me: Steve

I forgot in the last post (or more?) that I’m supposed to be writing down three things I’m grateful for before bed each night. Let me do that now:

1. Steve is here!!

2. Masterchef Legends

3. Cheese in so many forms

Bonus: Puffs Plus Lotion

I’m deep into my PMS and crying a lot. It’s okay, it even feels really good, if a bit unwieldy. Practically anything can make me cry these few days a year- it gets out of hand.

(Okay, I cry all the time in real life because I’m a huge sensitive nerd but not, like, multiple times a day like this….)

I had a great day in spite of my raging hormones. Feeling grateful! I’ve been trying to give back more intentionally lately, and that feels really good, too. I’ve been so lucky, especially with everything happening in the world, so it feels nice to focus on helping others and keeping the blessings moving.

Staying appreciative here!