Sep 10- Content

Meditation: Headspace, Everyday Headspace: Contentment
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Cleansing
Who Joined Me: Steve

Ok, first confession: I think this session was called “Contentment.” I am not 100% sure… Headspace doesn’t show you the titles of the Everyday Headspace sessions in your journey. Oops!

It was definitely something including that word.

Whatever it was called, it was lovely. Truthfully, we were so relaxed yesterday I barely remember the words or the “lesson”- I just remember how blissful it felt to breathe in deeply for ten minutes or so right next to my handsome husband while our soft, sweet cat slept a few feet away.

I love this weekend so very much. Got some great financial news today. Got free shoes, too, which always makes for a pretty awesome day. I never want it to end.

But that’s the great thing about marriage, isn’t it? You get to hang out with your best friend for literally the rest of your lives. This weekend will end, but there will be hundreds more coming along behind it, thousands if all goes well! What an exciting prospect.

I feel…. content!