Sep 12- Recall

Meditation: Headspace, Everyday Headspace: Paying Attention
Length: 7 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Relaxing
Who Joined Me: Steve

I’m just in heaven in so many ways right now.

Today I slept in, got a lot of things checked off my list (including voting!! Tomorrow is the official election and last day to turn in your ballot- vote “NO” on the recall!), and spent a wonderful evening with my sweet husband. We took a nice long walk, made a delicious dinner with lots of veggies and crispy tofu, even managed to do some yoga together.

Let me just say- get yourself a partner who can work all day and still bust out the romance all night. I’m talking sipping wine and dancing to our favorite love songs while we cook dinner together. Massages and pink roses and cuddles. Watching my favorite shows since he got to watch so much football this weekend.

He’s the kind of guy who lets me interrupt his book about fifty times to show him every amazing fashion moment from the Met Gala tonight. Who talks to our cat and kisses his little head. Who always makes me feel like we just started dating, even though we will celebrate the ten year anniversary of our first date soon.

He keeps my butterflies alive!

I’m a girl in love, and I’m soaking it up.

I’m also getting really inspired about work! Tonight I was submitted for a job modeling pajamas. Cat pajamas. And there would be cats at the photoshoot. I mean….

Just when I think my job couldn’t get any better. (“God, I hope I get it! I hope I get it!”)

At any rate, I’m oozing cheese, but that’s just where my head is right now. Cheese central. I’m struggling, too, with things. Still working on catching up to the pace of “real life.” Stressed about the recall election- though it’s looking good. Signed up to day to be a volunteer coordinator for the women’s march in October. Can’t forget our bodily autonomy is under vicious attack. Don’t quite have the day to day stamina I had pre-pandemic. Social stuff exhausts me still. Have to build those muscles back up.

But, overall, life is so beautiful. And I’m more present than I’ve ever been before in my life.

“Paying Attention” seemed perfect for this moment in time. Don’t worry about being there tomorrow or where you were yesterday…. be here now. Notice the people you are with, the little things, the moments that might pass you by otherwise. I love it.

Early day tomorrow! Back to work! Not complaining about a four day weekend, though. Or about diving back into the world. As much as I’m not fully ready, are we ever? I can’t think of a time that I let “not being ready” stop me before. Not from moving to Chicago by myself at 18, not from doing professional theatre with a bunch of working actors who had to teach me all the tricks, not from moving to LA with $100 to my name, not from getting on TV, producing my first project, joining the union, falling head over heels with the man I knew I would marry immediately, moving to Atlanta, buying a house- I wasn’t ready for any of it.

You figure it out as you go, and then remind yourself of that, over and over. Repeat for eternity.

It seems to have worked out so far. Why change tactics now?

Don’t stop believin’!!!