Sep 16- Play

Meditation: Yoga With Adriene, Classroom Meditation
Length: 6 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Fun!

Crazy busy day yesterday.

I was up at 8am, very much against my will (but I think the roofers are done, finally!) I worked in the morning, took my husband to the airport, prepared for and then attended a director’s meeting for my next show, snuck in some yoga and other miscellaneous tasks (including meditating), then showered and got ready to go out. Had a lot of fun meeting up with a girlfriend for drinks, then heading over to Flapper’s to watch a late night comedy show that another girlfriend was performing in!

When I got home close to 1am I was so jazzed, I had to eat a bowl of pasta, stretch forever, and finally finished the series Shrill on Hulu- which you should definitely watch if you haven’t yet! (It needed one more season though, for sure. But Aidy Bryant is a national treasure.)

Basically, I’m explaining that I took my meditation where it was most convenient yesterday, and it just so happened that Yoga With Adriene incorporated a little meditation video into the playlist for this month, so I just let it play once I finished my yoga video!

The videos were “Yoga for the Classroom” and “Classroom Meditation” which, as you can imagine, were geared toward kids, but very fun for this adult! I love when we have to let go of trying to look “cool” and play a little. It’s good for the soul.

The meditation was super simple but effective. Mostly just sitting up straight and taking slow, deep breaths. It was nice to mix it up and do something a little different! I was also happy to see that even on my busiest days, there are super simple ways to slide meditation into the schedule.

Today is a quieter day, but lots to get done here at home. It felt so good to go out last night! To laugh, catch up with an awesome woman I’ve known forever, to see live comedy again (vaccinated audience only- love that!), to have an excuse to put on red lipstick and bright red heels and just have a little fun…. even if my feet are not used to four inch heels anymore and I had to drive home barefoot!

Worth it!

Plus my friend and I both won tickets to an upcoming show in the raffle at the end of the night, so we are already planning our next funny night out! Perfect!

I’m a big believer in the power of laughter, especially in a group setting. If you can laugh, you can make it through anything. I know that from experience! Comedy and yoga are probably my two favorite health care plans- both very effective! No wonder I feel so good today!

Well, that, and time with awesome people, of course. Three for three!