Sep 17- Consistent

Meditation: Calm, Calm Light
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Calming (obviously!)

I’ve already written the word “calm” so many times in this post!

Kept it simple last night and meditated before bed while I stretched. I like a little moving meditation sometimes, it always feels so good. Not a lot to report there.

Talked with my husband today about how much confidence I’ve gained from this exercise. As time goes on, I am more and more proud of myself for never missing a single day. I feel like I can trust myself to follow through on things more than I did before. I feel more capable than I ever have in my life.

Very grateful to have this space to record my journey day by day. Life has ups and downs, but I can really see the progression and growth I’ve experienced during this time. I am closer to being fully myself with all the crap stripped away than I even knew I could be. It’s awesome.

Just three and a half months left! Though I’m sure I will be a regular meditator for life now. I can’t imagine going back to life without it!

I am looking forward to not reporting every single day, I’ll admit. But I know I’ll miss the daily forced check in with my own mental state. Back to serious journaling for this girl!

Just taking a moment today to be extra grateful for the chance to slow down and get in touch with the stuff deep inside myself. It’s a gift and I am not taking it for granted. Feels so good.