Sep 21- Autopilot OFF

Meditation: Calm, 7 Days of Calm: Pulling Out of Autopilot
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Challenging but satisfying

I’m getting this blog done before bed because tomorrow I’m officially starting my new “Daily Routine Experiment”! So excited right now!

I’ve written down a routine to outline an entire day of working from home. It’s flexible to make space for booked work or social engagements- not everything on it needs to be done every day- but full enough to keep me on track on those challenging unscheduled days.

When you work as a freelancer it’s so easy to let your hours slip away from you. This is especially challenging after a weird pandemic year. (And let me be clear- we are not done with this pandemic yet! I just heard today about a man from my hometown barely clinging to life in the hospital thanks to Covid. Stay safe, friends!)

I’ve been doing and eating and watching whatever I want, whenever I want for sixteen months. I’ve been sleeping when my body feels like it- usually 3am until noon. I’ve just been operating on a whim more than ever, and some structure sounds so nice right now, especially as I adapt to my old ways (but with a fresh perspective, twice the motivation, more confidence than ever, and a whole new appreciation for so much in life.)

So, here is my blog for today, so I can start fresh with a morning meditation. Here’s to staying present, moving intentionally through the world, and being mindful!