Sep 23- Paciencia y Fe

Meditation: Calm, 7 Days of Calm: Patience
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: So soothing
Who Joined Me: Steve

Today was about patience, and not being hard on yourself for not doing something perfectly, and some other things about patience… and it’s really hard to remember what else because I am mentally and physically exhausted.

It’s the good kind of exhausted, the kind you feel because you are giving your all to things that you care about, things you are passionate about, all day. After over a year of barely being able to work, then having what felt like a slow start coming back, I’m finally seeing the harvest from my earlier seed planting now. I was getting really frustrated with the pace of life for a while there, stuck somewhere in between going and stopping, and it feels amazing to see all these plates spinning again. I feel so lucky.

I’m emphasizing a lot of words today. I must be feeling dramatic.

Well, I did have auditions today for my show, which happens to be about two quite melodramatic actors from the 30s, so perhaps I’m feeling just a bit more dramatic than usual!

I’m on cloud nine right now because I offered the lead male role to an absolutely incredible actor I know that I was sure would be too busy, but he called me right back and accepted- without even asking to see the script first! I’m thrilled for my show, and honored that he would trust me like that. Feels good!

Ok, I have to rest. But, I want to remember this lesson: be more patient, sometimes the good things take time. Just because everything doesn’t happen all at once, exactly when you want it to, doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy or nothing’s ever going to happen again. Ride the waves of busy and slow and appreciate each.

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