Sep 25- Aware

Meditation: Calm, 7 Days of Calm: Awareness
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Accomplished
Who Joined Me: Steve

Finished another series! I love that satisfying feeling. It was very “back to basics” but that’s nice sometimes.

Steve usually feels that the Calm sessions involve too much talking. He likes to have more mental space to just breathe. I feel that way from time to time, but I also sometimes like having a guide to keep bringing me back to the moment, especially when my mind feels all over the place. A little feedback, though, if you’re weighing which meditation app might be right for you!

Lots to do today, so keeping this short! Last day for some QT with my man before he flies back to Michigan tomorrow. He’s helping me with some auditions for my show (so sweet!) and then we are going to get outside for a nice walk or maybe a hike. It’s finally hovering around the 70s here instead of the high 90s, and I’m ready to enjoy the weather!

Then back home and back to work. No rest for the wicked.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!