Sep 26- Hike

Meditation: Balance, Gratitude
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Fryman Canyon, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Made me smile hard
Who Joined Me: Steve

We made it out for a hike today. A bit grueling after such a long hiking break, but also really incredibly beautiful. I love the talks Steve and I have when we are walking or hiking together. They are always interesting and often funny and I learn something new about him nearly every time, or else find out something about myself.

I’m completely exhausted, and actually stretching right this moment to prepare for bed, as Steve is reading Pride and Prejudice before he sleeps. Find a man who will read your favorite books just to understand you more (and because he trusts your opinions!) Especially if you can count on him for awesome recommendations right back.

It’s the best.

We did a gratitude meditation at the top of the hill today. Just a short one, because I didn’t bring a sweatshirt and I was getting chilly. (Steve brought one, and offered it multiple times, but I refused because I teased him for bringing his at all, thinking it would be as hot as it has been. I am stubborn this way. I don’t know why. Midwesterners do tend to be, I guess!)

I also did yoga earlier in the day, so my legs are feeling the burn. Early morning tomorrow, must sleep.

I did cast a wonderful actor I’ve known for years and performed with several times in our final role! Tomorrow we can finally get the ball rolling, and this week will be all business and production meetings and contacting agents and signing contracts and tech rehearsals and so on, so we can finally get to the meaty, fun, fulfilling creative stuff! Yay!

Oh, I did remember to snap a photo of our view from the meditation spot today. So beautiful. Los Angeles takes my breath away multiple times a day. I just love it here so much.

I am so lucky.