Sep 28- Back At It

Meditation: Calm, Calm Light
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: I literally fell asleep sitting up

Ok. I might be overdoing it.

Just… in life. In general.

But, man, am I having fun!!

I haven’t fallen asleep sitting up in a long time. Wow. That makes a person feel old, I’ll tell you. I’ve been running on not quite enough sleep for a couple of weeks now and it really catches up to you!

Yesterday was one of those days where you run and run until you collapse at the end. I woke up to a ton of emails that needed answers and work and personal stuff to figure out. I worked a few hours at one of my gigs in the morning, then drove to the dealership to return my loaner and pick up my car. She had a couple of electrical issues, but she’s feeling much better now.

(I know, I’m a nerd about my car. But I love her so much!)

Then I had to rush home, finish more work, attend a production meeting for my show, work out the rehearsal schedule with the AD, then quickly change and head out for the night.

I went to see some standup with a couple of girlfriends, and had a great time. So nice to see comedy regularly again! I love that community so much. It was a particularly funny night, and Jeff Garlin dropped in at one point, wearing an amazing Walter Payton/ 1985 Bears shirt, so I did the logical thing and tracked him down backstage to geek out over it.

My dad and I always bonded over football, especially the Bears, and I was born in 1985 when they won the Super Bowl. It’s a special topic for me!

Basically, I had a fun, long, exciting, exhausting day. I meditated right before bed, but sitting up on a cushion on the floor, and when the voice guide told me the meditation was over, I snapped awake, totally freaked out!

First time for that!

I’m just so happy to have exciting experiences again, to live in this city where anything could happen and anyone could wander in and there are always new, amazing people to meet around every turn. I love being around friends again and laughing our asses off. I love getting lost in work and filling my schedule up and feeling like I’ve earned my exhaustion at the end of the day, like I contributed to the world in a meaningful way.

I’ve missed this.

Just a few short months ago I couldn’t imagine living at this pace again. Everything wore me out. Social interaction drained me for days. I couldn’t remember how or why I was so busy before!

Now I remember! You just do it, and the inertia carries you though. You keep going because you’re excited for what’s next! You power through because you’re so happy and want to see what else life has to offer! You just live.

Please, let us not have to stop again. I don’t think I could take it! Vaccine passports all around!

Now I have to go prepare for our first official rehearsal tonight! First day of school feeling- love it!