Oct 10- GOAT

Meditation: Calm, Loving-Kindness
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Office/Guest Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Confusing
Who Joined Me: Steve & Tigre

So, we tried.

I wanted something soothing and not too long tonight. We are both feeling achy from our boosters, plus my foot is a wreck, plus we have early mornings tomorrow (especially Steve), so we were just trying to get everything done and get to bed, I’ll admit.

I’m in bed typing this as Steve reads and it isn’t even 10pm. What can I say? We are exciting people.

I found a meditation on the Calm app by LeBron James and thought Steve would love it! I love LeBron, too, obviously. Who doesn’t love LeBron James? Literally the best.

However, even though the “Train Your Mind” series was listed under meditations, it was actually just LeBron spitting wisdom. Which was awesome. We chose “A Champion’s Mindset” and boy, was it interesting. Inspiring. Wise. Brilliant.

It was not, however, a meditation.

So, with Tigre curled up in my lap, I quickly chose a short loving-kindness meditation, which was beautiful and quick.

Now, my arm aches, and I’m going to wrap this up. I feel like an eighty year old woman tonight! Time to rest my poor, sweet body.

But, thanks, LeBron, for the inspiration. You are truly the GOAT.

My personal GOAT