Oct 18- Patient

Meditation: Headspace, Practice Patience
Length: 4 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Reassuring

Booked a last minute job later in the evening yesterday, so suddenly my long day of reading and resting my foot and nothing to do until 2pm today turned into a need to be up by 7:30am and ready to work!

Thus, a slightly shorter meditation. It was perfect, though. I really needed a little patience boost, since this foot injury is driving me nuts. I’m super grateful the job I booked today is happening over Zoom so I can continue to heal, but damn I’m over it. I’m so restless!

I’m really trying to be present, though. I know the universe often slows us down forcefully when we aren’t listening to the signs that we need to slow down on our own, so I’m really making an attempt to get quiet and listen to what I need. I was definitely saying “yes” to everything. It’s telling that this injury happened the day before I was so burnt out I had to walk away from an ongoing gig.

When you don’t pay attention to the hints the universe gives you, it usually ends up giving you a big shove, in my experience!

So, as I head back into life after this show week, I’m going to be even better about saying “no,” about setting limits and boundaries, about listening to my gut the minute something is off. I’m going to stay super present so I can notice when something isn’t right in the moment as often as possible. I’m actually excited about this! It’s so empowering. No more pushing through the misery or discomfort or burnout. A lot more respecting myself and what I truly want and need.

It honestly feels like I’ve been building to this lesson over the past year or longer. Time to stop and assess has been such a gift. I’ve adjusted so many big things in my life, and now I’m truly fine-tuning.

Of course, it took an injury to drive home the point- but I can assure you I’m paying attention now!

Patience has never been a great strength of mine, but I’m working on it. I’m getting better! Meditation has been so helpful with this.

On a break- back to work! Majorly happy about Zoom jobs where I can wear sweats and bundle up in a blanket despite working “in a studio” for a TV show- it’s always so cold there! Little blessings.