Oct 20- Waiting

Meditation: Calm, Calm Light
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Helpful

I’m knocking this blog out while I wait for my grocery delivery because I actually, really, really want to go to bed but the only slot left was the 10p-midnight window… so here I am.

Did a quick meditation today. Even though I stayed the most still I have yet and rested my foot so much, thanks to Steve being here and taking great care of me, I stayed busy all day. I read, did a bunch of work, took care of a lot of little tasks, and just generally tried to be productive without moving around. Suddenly, it was evening, and I grabbed a short meditation before we made dinner.

I’ve never been so tired at 9:18pm. I swear. Maybe my body is working hard to heal that toe. Maybe I’m a little depressed (ok, definitely- great timing!) I’m very, very excited to sleep.

I will keep myself seriously entertained with Cicely Tyson’s memoir in the meantime. Wow, she’s an amazing woman, actress, storyteller, all around human being. Was, I suppose. It’s crazy… she got this book out just in time. I’m so glad she did. I feel honored just to read her words.

What a force.

I want to be a force. I want to make art that lasts and help people and leave my mark. It’s so inspiring to read about someone who did so her entire life. I love powerful women so much!!

Now I’m honestly just vamping, I think. I should finish getting ready for bed and read until the groceries come. It’s been real, WordPress. Thanks for keeping me company!