Oct 25- Grateful

Meditation: Calm, 7 Days of Happiness: Practice Gratitude
Length: 12 minutes
Where: Comfy Living Room Chair, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Nice. Sleepy.

I paused on the Chopra series I was doing for now, since I have those meditations forever (a Christmas gift from Steve) and I only have Calm for a few more months. I may as well go back to exploring more of the app!

7 Days of Happiness felt perfect for this week. I’m not unhappy or anything. Actually, things are going remarkably well! I really can’t complain about a thing. We’ve been so lucky in so many ways these past couple of years, and I’m honestly so grateful for it all.

Marriage is solid. Work is really good, and it’s just going to keep getting better if I have anything to say about it! Personal life in general is full of friendship and kindness and love. I’m healthy and that’s never something to take for granted. My foot is 90% healed, even! Looking forward to a quick trip with my guy this week and all the fun I know we are going to have!

I’m just feeling really, really positive. But I don’t think we have to save happiness meditations for when we feel sad or lonely. I think they help us stay in a positive mindset and really stop to think about why we are feeling happy. What’s important? Are our priorities aligned? Are we taking care of ourselves? Allowing space for negative emotions, too? Dealing with things as they come?

Meditation in general is such a great check-in time for all of that.

Going to bed now- but finally back on track with this blog again, writing the day of instead of the next day. Yay! Tomorrow will be all about cleaning and packing and a little wrap party we are planning to attend, because our flight leaves crazy early Wednesday morning, so we have to be ready.

The one part I’m not excited about- the early flights. Oof! It’ll be worth it though! Can’t wait to cheer Steve on when he accepts his award!!

He does dishes, too, and gives the best massages. What. A. Man. I’m telling you.