Oct 27- Animal Kingdom

Meditation: Headspace, Wind Down: Switching Off
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Disney Yacht Club Resort, Orlando
How It Felt: Put me to sleep!

Ok, the last few days have been a whirlwind. It’s currently 1 am and I have to get up at 4:30 to catch a flight home. I have two gigs tomorrow. I have an audition to work on. I should be exhausted, but I’ve been having too much fun to be exhausted!

As part of the event we were given tickets to Animal Kingdom at Disney which I have always wanted to go to! Like, since they opened when I was a kid. I love animals. LOVE THEM. Too much. I grew up wanting to be Snow White or Cinderella and have animal besties. Animals are so pure and awesome and beautiful and adorable and just awe-inspiring to me.

I also love fun and magic and hanging out with my husband, so basically today was amazing.

There were more awards and party favors and delicious food today, but watching a gorilla hang out with her tiny baby took the cake. Even though we were treated to a private after party in the Pandora section of the park, complete with no line rides and an awesome DJ and a liquid nitrogen moon chocolate pop that made my knees weak, seeing a sleeping lion with no barrier between us won the day. We met so many people and had the best time with the humans, but how can that compare to finally witnessing a real live hippo living his best life?

I’m a nerd, but I’m also not an asshole. I’m grateful! We had an incredible time. Steve had to make me leave since apparently multiple nights in a row with only three hours of sleep is a bad idea. If you say so, buddy.

(He’s so fun and also responsible. What would I do without him?? Dance all night until I just died, probably.)

I was super proud of my “safari theme” outfit! I just went for it and dressed as a cheetah but with badass otk boots and a wrap belt. I wore the cat ears, though, for authenticity. A lot of photos were taken and it was so fun!!

Steve calls it “coloring a page” when we have a day that leaves a lasting impression. After this long pandemic time of regrouping and reprioritizing and wearing zero theme outfits, it’s so nice to be coloring pages brightly again. I never dreamed life could be so consistently magical.

Actually- you know what? I did dream it, if I’m honest. I spent my entire childhood dreaming it, and believing it could be so, even if I didn’t understand how. And here I am, living the life I always dared to dream.

Damn, that’s cool.

Here’s to coloring all the pages you can, whenever and however you can, with people that make the colors even brighter.

Or, with animals. Because they are pretty cool, too.

And, yes, I’m making sure to still meditate! No giraffe is stopping this girl!