Oct 28- Weird

Meditation: Calm, Calm Light
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Hotel Room, Orlando
How It Felt: Relaxing

Okay. Listen. I’m tired.

Last night was so fun, we were out late. Then we only had about three hours to sleep, thanks to a 4:30 alarm set for our early flights, and I just had one of those nights where sleep was impossible. I think I only got about thirty minutes. I did nap on the plane for a few hours, thankfully, but now it’s 11pm LA time, and I’m just starting to get toward bed.

My day was amazing, though. I was officially cast in an online game show that sounds crazy fun and went through a practice run. I got home to my sweet cat, who was full of cuddles- extra nice since I’m already missing Steve. I worked, I had a long talk with my bestie, I ate spicy veggie meat chicken wings and a free taco, I got a bag full of chocolate and toothbrushes, I was gifted a brand new Taboo game…

AND I got to see the concert version of Nightmare Before Christmas with Danny Elfman, Billie Eilish, Weird Al, and Ken Page, starting from the sound check!!!

It’s weird to think that 36 hours ago I was across the county at Disney World on a mini safari in the rain….

It’s been a weird few days.

I don’t even know what I’m talking about at this point. I have to meditate, stretch, and sleep like, immediately.

And then be up early to lead a team in a Judge Judy flash mob.

I’m dead serious.

My life is so weird.