Nov 4- Treadmill

Meditation: Calm, 7 Days of Happiness: Embrace Uncertainty 
Length: 12 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Challenging

Okay, I worked out yesterday for real.

Yoga was ab focused (oof- it’s been a minute!) and then I decided, in all my motivated glory, to do some cardio.

We were gifted a fold up treadmill awhile back and, besides testing it, I haven’t used it yet to actually work out. I thought I would get on and do a solid 15-20 minutes, but BOY did I underestimate the incline and how long it’s been since I’ve done proper cardio.

I’ve been messing with our Gazelle glider machine but that’s not exactly a hard, sweaty workout. It’s like a way to move around while you watch a good show. This was something totally different.

Crazy to think I haven’t stepped foot in a gym for well over 18 months! That’s a first in my adult life for sure. I walk and hike and run outdoors, and I do yoga constantly, and I have Daily Burn at home, but I haven’t been on a real cardio machine in a minute, besides the elliptical we have in Michigan.

Why am I sharing all this? Because I was sore already when I sat down to meditate! The challenging part of my practice was how physically tired I felt. I try to honor that straight spine but about halfway through I had to move around. Rough one!

Ah, well. Proud of myself for working out and meditating. It’s not a perfect practice but it’s practice. Hopefully there are no more injuries coming anytime soon and I’ll be back in fighting shape before I know it! I have one of those body types that changes very quickly one direction or the other. I don’t work out for two weeks? It’s like starting over. I work out consistently for two weeks? My body looks and feels totally different.

It’s a double edged sword for sure.

I like feeling strong and having energy and I love what exercise does for my mental health! That’s really all I care about- keeping myself healthy and balanced. Never will I ever work out for weight loss again.

At Universal Studios at the moment- have a little gig on a talk show again today! Busy weekend has commenced. Here we go!

124 meditations done on the Calm app alone! I can’t believe I’ve done over 300 meditations total so far this year!