Nov 5- Health

Meditation: Calm, 7 Days of Happiness: Prioritize Your Health
Length: 13 minutes
Where: In my car on the Universal Studios lot
How It Felt: Inspiring

Just last night I was writing about some ways I’m trying to prioritize my health lately, and then this meditation came along today. Perfect.

I had about twenty-five minutes between taking my Covid test and getting my results before I could walk on set today, so I used the time to meditate. I just sat in my car in the parking garage and closed my eyes. It was actually really lovely!

Trying, really trying, to get back to writing my blogs the same day as the meditations. I don’t love starting out each day a step “behind.” (It’s all relative, but, you know.)

I appreciate that the session talked about mental health as much as physical, if not more. I feel like everything I do is ultimately for my mental health, because who cares if I’m in great shape if I’m miserable? Not me. Still, exercise, diet, and caring for our bodies contributes mightily to good mental health, so you really can’t separate the two.

Tired from a good day of work, a little “phone date night” with the hubby, and an early morning. Another early one is coming for me tomorrow! Time to do some yoga and get to bed!