Nov 6- Fall Back

Meditation: Calm, 7 Days of Happiness: Take Time to Play
Length: 13 minutes
Where: Dining Room Table, Los Angeles
How It Felt: I wanted to fall asleep!

Oh my goodness, I needed this extra hour, let me tell you. I really did.

I have been packing so much in, and yesterday was a long day. I had a rehearsal in the morning and I worked at a music festival in the afternoon and evening. It was a cool day, but I had to get up much too early for my tastes, and for some reason I was more tired than I expected to be all day.

In between gigs, I came home to change, eat, etc, and I meditated as I was waiting for the top coat on my nails to dry. I just sat at the dining room table, back straight, feet on the ground, hands on my thighs, and meditated. I had that “falling asleep” feeling many times, and seriously considered a nap. You know that feeling when you’re so sleepy, and closing your eyes feels sooooo good, like a warm, cozy blanket, and you think, “if I could just lie down in my nice, soft bed for a few minutes….”

But, not wanting to redo my hair or makeup won out, and the power nap was nixed. Caffeine to the rescue!

Except then I was up much too late, buzzing from the caffeine! Sometimes you just can’t win.

However -plot twist!- I did win, because I was given a bonus hour to sleep! I woke up actually feeling well rested and refreshed, ready to go today!

I hate Daylight Savings Time, and I really hope we get rid of it. It’s seriously terrible for our bodies and minds. I will not complain when it changes in this direction, though, until the day comes that we eradicate it finally. (Soon, I hope!)

In the meantime- I finished that meditation series! A lot of good stuff in there. I love the reminder to have fun and play. There was a statistic shared that said children laugh an average of up to 300 times a day, and adults only laugh an average of 17! That seems crazy to me (and I know I laugh a lot more than that, thankfully!) Remember to have fun and not take life too seriously. It’s so important.

One more series down! I don’t know which one I’ll do next but I’m excited to start something new!

Back to it. Busy day again. Then, tomorrow, full stop. Ahhhhh.