Nov 10- Goodnight, Blog

Meditation: Headspace, Wind Down: Sleeping
Length: 5 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: I had weird mini-dreams!

I did a sleep meditation last night because I hoped it would help me sleep well.

BUT I was stressed about something that I had to deal with first thing in the morning, so I did not sleep well.

Then the thing I was so stressed about wasn’t even actually a scary problem at all. Which is really nice.

But also means I’ve been super tired today for no reason.

But I worked a bit today. And I got paid even though I wasn’t needed on set. And I took a long walk in the park and listened to my book. And I ate a big, yummy salad.

So. I was okay.

And now I’m super tired and I still need to meditate and a few more things even though I really, really want to sleep so much.

So, goodnight blog.

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