Nov 17- First Date

Meditation: Headspace, End of Day
Length: 5 minutes
Where: In Bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Relaxing

I slept hard last night. Finally.

I had crazy dreams about flying with Steve Carell and soaring above the water in Canada with “the can lady” (no idea) and finding a diamond necklace in the road. I have no idea if our dreams mean anything, but they were fun!

The “End of Day” meditation is one I come to often, thinking it’s a good decompressor for the, well, end of the day, but really it’s more of a sleep meditation, so I end up skipping it. Last night a sleep meditation was just what the doctor ordered, however, so I finally did it!

I also took Nyquil (explaining the crazy dreams, I’m sure) because I’m feeling a little run down. I’ll be working auto show in a few days, representing a really cool new EV company, and I can’t afford to have a weak immune system for that- especially during a pandemic! I’ve been ordering soups and green juices and eating super clean and trying to catch up on sleep so I’m back to 100%. Also, auto show life hack: swallowing whole cloves of garlic. It’s no joke! That stuff kills germs!

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of our first date, so we celebrated that a little bit. Steve and I had some big talks about life and how we want to live the rest of it together. He gave me a super sweet card, and we just spent some great quality time eating Thai food and watching a funny movie and getting stuff done and connecting. We need about fifty more days like that! Life is so busy, and we spend so much of it just missing each other terribly.

It’s crazy to think back to our first date, all those years ago. Steve took me to the GQ Man of the Year party at Chateau Marmont. The honoree was Jay-Z. I found a fabulous dress and he drove us there in a sleek Porsche. We were both nervous, and everything felt so fancy!

Then, right when Steve pulled up in this expensive car to the valet, which is on a hill, he realized he didn’t know how the parking brake worked! He had worked with Porsche for years and he completely panicked, trying to figure out which button meant on or off, how to get it to stick. We were blocking the paparazzi from all the celebrities entering, and they started yelling. The valet wanted to take the car, but we couldn’t figure out how to park it and get out!

We laughed so hard.

From that moment, the ice was broken, and we had an incredible night. Even though the party was amazing, we ended up sitting alone off in a room that wasn’t being used, near the bathrooms, talking nonstop. All we wanted to do was be with each other. From that moment, I knew this was a real soul mate kind of thing, and things got very real very quickly.

Thank goodness they did!

I could not be more grateful for the partnership we’ve built, and I have never known anyone as supportive and loving and Steve. Two people committed to working on themselves, growing, learning, and lifting each other up- that’s a dream come true. We both want the same things out of life- to help people, to make positive change, to take care of our families and stay connected with them in meaningful ways, to follow big dreams and have tons of adventures, to surround ourselves with good people, to travel and live artistically and creatively, to color all the pages we can as brightly as we are able.

I’m a lucky girl.

Cheers to a decade of getting better and stronger together with each passing day! I’m so glad Steve couldn’t figure out that parking brake! All the best moments in life are the craziest, most ridiculous ones, aren’t they?

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