Nov 19- Partner

Meditation: Calm, Deep Sleep
Length: 6 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Calming

I didn’t have much time to sleep last night, since my auto show turnaround was only 10 hours. Lots of flashbacks to last weekend! But with some huge differences, the biggest being having my wonderful husband here with me. Last night he drove me to work and came back to pick me up after my shift, braving DTLA traffic twice on a Friday night, just so I wouldn’t have to mess with parking and we could get more time together.

Then he spent the entire time I was working running errands- grocery shopping, picking up a gift for a friend, getting two of my watch batteries replaced (I kill watches like crazy)- all that just to run back and pick me up, then make dinner and help me take care of everything for Tigre, change our sheets, and more, so I could get to bed at a remotely reasonable time.

Huge difference between that and a weekend where I’m going it alone!

I’ll tell you, long-distance is hard, but one thing it really teaches you is to appreciate what your partner brings to the table. I will never take that support for granted as long as I live. Especially not after a lifetime of doing most things all on my own.

I did a sleep meditation again since I am not good at falling asleep early. That mixed with a sleep gummy did the trick, though! I was nice and relaxed and actually able to sleep when I closed my eyes. Perfect.

So hard to leave that sweet, warm man behind in bed at 4:30am- let me tell you!

Long day today, dinner party tonight, early morning tomorrow, then a nice evening off and the chance to sleep in Monday. Here we go! Time to make that money! (And educate people about electric vehicles- yay!)