Nov 25- Thanksgiving

Meditation: Balance, Foundations: Day 9
Length: 7 minutes
Where: Living Room, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Like a relief

Today I am thankful for so many things.

I am thankful for:

  • Meditation!
  • Los Angeles, my beautiful city
  • My incredible husband and best friend
  • So many recent opportunities for fun and well paid work
  • Tigre, the most loving cat of all time
  • Having enough food to eat
  • Access to good healthcare
  • Books
  • My friends, family, and framily
  • Three sweet, healthy, fun, adventurous bonus kids
  • Electricity!
  • Access to so many resources that allow me to always be learning
  • Each and every time someone reads my blog- thank you!
  • My warm, cozy bed, waiting for me to climb in….

And so much more. Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone got to do something to honor indigenous peoples today! And many other days. And as often as possible.


Today’s combo meditation