Dec 1- Back to Life

Meditation: Calm, Timed Meditation
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Soothing

Deep into my alone time. Totally relaxed. I managed to go so deep I looped all the way back around- I’m energized again, and already back to getting stuff done!

Last night I was just getting started, though, and I was a bit stiff from not moving my body around much lately. I decided to meditate while I was stretching, and I just made it a moving meditation. I sat with my legs crossed and stretched my hips, obliques, back, and neck while I took deep, soothing breaths. It made me soooo tired and I slept forever!

Today I woke up, did the few things I absolutely had to do, and shut my brain off immediately. I ate delicious food and watched more Grace and Frankie and played silly puzzle games on my phone until my mind got crazy silent. Then, around 10pm, I got this big burst of energy and started cleaning, organizing, making lists, and planning my day tomorrow! Getting ready for bed now- lots to get done!

Plus I can’t WAIT to pick my husband up at the airport tomorrow night!

We have so much fun stuff planned- screenings (one with Jennifer Hudson!) and the Banksy exhibit and some Christmas shopping and decorating and lots of great QT just the two of us. Perfect!

So glad I’m feeling better. Burning out is the worst, but I guess that happens when you burn bright and hard sometimes. That’s life. Just feels great to have a working brain again!

Speaking of working brains, I have eight books to get through before the end of 2021 to meet my goal of a book a week- 52 total. I’ve started Kitchen Confidential on audiobook, which I’ve been meaning to read forever. It’s so good! But I always have a physical book going, too, and I’m reading a novel by one of my dearest friends. He recently sent me a signed copy as a gift because one of the main characters is inspired by me! She’s even named Sabrina- isn’t that awesome?

God, life is incredible. I’m so grateful for all of it- the long days and the ones that fly by, the good and the bad, the hard times and easy ones. Most of all, I’m grateful to feel like myself again!

Thank you, introvert days.