Dec 2- Push Through

Meditation: Balance, Breathe: Relax Deeply
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: So calming

I don’t want to write this blog!

I got so much done today and cleaned and cleaned and got my life organized and retrieved my husband from LAX and now I just want to curl up in bed with him….

I guess I hoped I would get to December and feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel, like being in the final month of this blog would give me a burst of “almost there” energy. But, so far, that has not happened.

I am procrastinating daily and it’s a bad habit! I want to end this year strong.

So, listen up, Me. You have only 29 more blogs to write after today. You already made it through over 325 posts! You can do it!! You got this!

It felt amazing to get my home back in shape today, to feel organized and ready for what’s next. I cannot function well in a messy environment, unfortunately. I have a LOT to accomplish in the next four months or so- so much is happening, and so much of it is time sensitive! I need a clean, streamlined mind and living space.

Ok, going to be with the hubby now! Meditation good! Love the breathing meditations on the Balance app- even if it’s hard to get used to meditating with open eyes sometimes- I used soft focus and leaned into the experience. All good.