Dec 4- Coloring Pages

Meditation: Headspace, Everyday Gratitude
Length: 4 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Super rushed!

I thought a quick gratitude practice would hit the spot last night, but this one left a bit to be desired. The session ran just a bit less than four minutes, and it seemed that the explanation of gratitude and its importance and examples of the practice took up most of the time, pausing only a few seconds to allow us to focus on three things we felt grateful for.

Kind of a bummer.

But, now I know what that particular meditation is like. Check! Not one for me in the future.

Crazy day today involving flea spray, Blake Shelton, Rebecca Hall (in the room with both of them, but separately…), aluminum foil, realizing I have no idea where my birth certificate is, and eating PB&Js out of an Animal Crossing lunch bag.

Let’s just say, it’s been a brightly colored page, as are so many days Steve and I spend together in this crazy city. Or anywhere. Steve tends to make most things an adventure, somehow.

Now, to bed, to sleep and to cuddle.