Dec 6- Anxious

Meditation: Balance, Anxiety
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Helpful, a bit

It’s strange to write about this now because I’m definitely feeling a lot calmer today, but I was crazy anxious yesterday. And the past few days. And when I woke up this morning. And… ok, probably still a little bit. But I have it under control now!

I just hit those days where there is sooooo much to get done and I short circuit. I hate that feeling. Today, I was up early, and just had one quick appointment in the morning (yay, fresh round of Newtox! Just in time to save me “holiday stress” wrinkles), and nothing else scheduled until a screening tonight. I’m actually working my way through my to do list, which is the best remedy for anxiety I’ve ever found.

Just get the damn things done!

Yesterday I was redlining, however. A mix of life, regular anxiety, a little mania (always exacerbated when there is stress), and hormones, thanks very much to my “lovely lady days” which are happening this week. So fun to be a woman sometimes….

The anxiety meditation helped, even if my mind was racing so much I struggled to focus. I kept bringing my mind back to the breath, however, as instructed, and I actually managed to make myself pleasantly sleepy. I didn’t sleep a ton, but I slept.

And now, blog post done. Check it off the list, and on to the next!