Dec 7- Gifts

Meditation: Headspace, Past, Present and Future
Length: 7 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Powerful!

Writing this blog from my car while Steve runs into one last store to grab one more thing we need. It’s been the kind of day many of us so often experience during the holidays- getting crazy tired of shopping while you go to store after store finding the perfect gifts. At least doing it with my bestie makes it a lot more fun!

Breaking news: I was just informed that Steve is also finding me some queso to help get me through my LLDs! Seriously… he’s the best.

We also went to an amazing Banksy exhibition today. It’s been life-giving to finally be back at screenings- like the one we went to last night for Respect, followed by a talk with Jennifer Hudson!- and concerts and to see art live, in person again. I have missed this all so much! I know the pandemic isn’t over yet, but with strict protocols in LA and my booster shot, with kids vaccinated all around, I finally feel confident enough to be an active part of society again.

Loving it.

The meditation last night was about the tricky line we walk when we want to remember the past or plan for the future but still stay present. Great topic, very helpful! Now home to make chow mein and finish buying online what we couldn’t find in person.

Ahhhh the holidays. (You know, Christmas and Award Season!) Such a magical time of year!