Dec 10- Decadent

Meditation: Balance, End the Day
Length: 3 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: My eyes closed...

Deep into some “me” time. I don’t think I’ve spoken aloud all day, except to my cat. I’ve been texting, sure, but not speaking, really.

Watching cooking shows, cleaning, reading a bit, relaxing, and snuggling.

One thing I’ve learned about myself in the past 24 hours: In no world do I have the patience to become an excellent baker. Wow. No way. Amazing what they do!

I can use a bread machine okay. And I’m excellent at slicing cookie dough out of those little sleeves. World class, really.

I was taught to bake, and I’ve historically been okay at it, but the really fancy stuff? Oh my gosh. Mindblowing.

Also, Mary Berry is perfect. I’m obsessed.

Lastly, I really need a trip to France soon. I want to wander patisseries and boulangerie and eat all of it.

I slept and slept last night. I slept so long, and stayed in bed even longer. It was glorious. Then I fell asleep again on the couch because Tigre was so cuddly I couldn’t possibly do anything else. I love long, lazy days. And I love getting plenty of sleep!

Grateful for the meditation- the sunset animation again- that helped lull me into the most sleepy, snuggly, relaxing twelve hour period I’ve had in a moment. Perfect.

Three weeks of this blog left!! So close to an entire year! Happy!

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