Dec 15- Red Eyes

Meditation: Headspace, Everyday Headspace: Nothing to Prove
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Michigan
How It Felt: Pretty wonderful

I landed in Michigan yesterday morning and I was sooooo tired. I took the red eye with a cat, which I do not recommend, but was necessary for work things. My building somehow managed to have some crazy accident that affected the hot water heater the day I was flying, so that was fun. I had to boil water and sort of take a weird bath. Then, on the plane, I ate some fancy organic chocolate I had received from a gift bag at an event, and immediately projectile vomited in the plane’s tiny restroom. Tigre needed a lot of reassurance and prefers to be held tightly while he looks out the window when we fly…for hours…

So, yeah. Tired!

I took a quick nap, rebooted, and worked in the afternoon and evening. Weird day, but so glad to have made it and be back with my BFF aka husband. And excited for the holidays! It really just feels more Chirstmas-y in the midwest.

I did power through and do my stuff, though. I meditated in our bedroom after a nice, long, hot shower (ahhhh). I saw that the Everyday Headspace was called “Nothing to Prove” and thought that sounded perfect. I just sat on the floor near the bench at the end of our bed, spine straight, and set the session to ten minutes. It was perfect.

One thing I’ve definitely learned this year is that meditation really helps when I’m tired. Those days, my brain gets all jammed up, and I never feel like meditating, thinking I’m too sleepy to really feel the benefits. However, my mind always feels clearer and more energized afterward!

As with so many things that are good for us, the less we feel like doing it, the more we probably need it.

Back to work now! I’m in the basement of our Michigan house, acting in murder mysteries over Zoom. It’s a weird life, but I’m loving it!